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Internet Packages in Switzerland

Switzerland has a system of registered and authorised Internet providers that provide excellent service. Most companies are still tied to a broadband, TV and telephone package system but some do provide Internet on their own. Unlike other utilities, you are able to choose any company you like:

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Changing Internet Provider in Switzerland

Typically, Internet providers offer their deals as part of a formal contract. This means that the amount of time that the contract lasts must be taken into account when trying to switch provider.

Each individual Internet provider also has an official notice period for switching accounts. If you attempt to switch providers before the official end of the contract, you may incur a significant cancellation cost or transfer fee. Overall, it is recommended to remain on your current contract for the duration agreed upon before switching.

How fast is the Internet in Switzerland?

Overall, much of the Internet system in Switzerland still relies on either cable connections or connections through dial-up. Cities in Switzerland have started a push to adopt a high-speed, fibre-optic DSL connection, with cities like Zurich having an entirely fiber-optic network. The decision to upgrade Internet connections is done via referendum in your local council (Gemeinde), and it is not rare to find communities rejecting plans to upgrade. Please consult your Internet company as to what speed options are open in your area.